YE DA WO ASE” Meaning thank you very much for your decision to be part of our projects. HACGhana is committed to finding the best projects in Ghana and ensuring that you have an incredible volunteer experience. Our experienced staffs will help you find a project that suits you best, make sure that your trip goes as smoothly as possible, and answer any questions that you have about traveling, projects, or any other concerns that may arise. This piece of information provided for you is not an absolute guideline, but it’s there to help prepare yourself in advance to make your trip a success.

HACGhana assures volunteers not to be concerned about adjusting to a new culture, safety, health but to be confident of their resilience and have confidence in HACGhana  With this they could make a difference in a few weeks. As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to be placed within one of many areas. These include: community development projects, public organizations, health project, teaching, eco-tourism etc.

HACGhana will carefully select volunteer placements, based on your experience, qualifications and areas of interest. Opportunities are available in both urban and rural areas.


Orphanage Project in Ghana
Teaching Project in Ghana
Healthcare Project in Ghana
HIV AIDS Outreach Project in Ghana
Medical Elective & Internship in Ghana
Micro-Finance Project
HACGhana Journalism Internship in Ghana
Construction Volunteer Project
Conservation Project in Ghana
International Law & Human Rights Internships in Ghana
Sports Coaching Volunteer Projects in Ghana
2 Weeks Community Work and Travel Program
Educational Trip 2016/2017 for School Groups
Drumming & Dancing Lessons
Language & Cultural Immersion Program
HACGhana Guided Weekend Tours