There are 52 major languages and hundreds of dialects in Ghana. Each language is very complex and adequate in its particular setting. Many Ghanaians speak several different languages, demonstrating a linguistic skill that is totally unknown to most westerners. You will do well to attempt to learn as much of the local languages as you can. Ghanaians are very encouraging of this and feel honored when you show this level of respect and concern. You will find that the English spoken in Ghana is quiet different in tone, pronunciation and vocabulary from English in other countries like America, Australia and United Kingdom.


ENGLISH                                                               TWI

Welcome                         –                                         Akwaaba

Good morning                –                                        Maakye

Good afternoon              –                                         Maaha

Good evening                 –                                          Maadwo

Come                                –                                          Bra

How are you                    –                                         Wo ho te sen?

I am fine                          –                                          Me ho ye

Participants will get to learn more of the language upon their arrival in Ghana.  Whilst on placement you are more than likely to be placed with a host family so you can gain a real insight into the culture and way of life.


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