Medical information

The weather is hot and humid and slows everything down. It does rain frequently in Ghana during the period between June and September. Don’t expect to achieve as much in a day, as even small efforts tire you out and over-exertion can make you ill.

 Be careful of sunburn. Tropical sun in extremely strong and can burn you very quickly. Always remember to wear sunglasses, sun-block and a hat.

 Watch out for traffic; Ghanaian road manners leave to be desired.

Don’t swim in freshwater lakes and estuaries. You can catch Schistomiasis (also known as Bilharzias). It is a parasite that bores into your foot and lives in your intestines. Also on the coast, watch out for dangerous rip – tides and strong currents. There can be sharks sometimes as well. If in doubt ask the locals if it is safe to swim.

 We recommend you ask your medical doctor for advice about vaccinations. If you have any sort of allergy please let us know in the beginning of the program so that we can manage the appropriate setting according to your health condition.


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