Our Interest in Working with You

The younger generation of our nation – some being school drop outs and on the streets and some students – need positive and supportive adults in their lives. They need adults like you to serve as a friend and role model. They need you to tell them about life; they need you to tell them about the whats, the whys and the hows.

Your engagement with the younger generation can make a real difference in their self-esteem, ability to communicate and decision-making skills.

All we ask of you is to become a mentor, a role model for the kids, our younger generation. That way, you support the African Child, and Lift -Their- Souls. YOU can make a positive difference in not just the life of a young person, but also our nation and Africa as a whole.

 YOU can help connect young persons with resources and structured activities to help build them up. YOU can build and strengthen youth leadership skills with and for them. Come let us work for a cause, not for applause. Come let us live to express, not impress. Let us not strive to make our presence noticed rather let us make our absence felt by all.

We work with children and young people:

  •     whose families need support
  •     who cannot live with their birth families
  •     who are disabled
  •     who experience severe difficulties in their lives

We have been working with the Africa’s most vulnerable and neglected children since 2005. We were originally called the EYEFORGHANA, until May 2012 when we changed our name to one that better describes what we do and what we value – Help The African Child Foundation.


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