Our Benefit to You

HACGhana  travel experience offers you the chance to work on a volunteer project overseas.

It offers you the simplicity of a package holiday with all the rewards of independent travel. Transportation from Accra to HAC  office / host family and accommodation by local host family from the first day of your arrival to the end. Free internet service in our office, donation to project, orientation, placement, assistance and adjustment, program and volunteer co-ordination/ staff support

HACGhana guarantees will cater for all medical expenses in case a volunteer falls sick during his/her stay in Ghana. In-country orientations , project and host families’ visitations/ frequent telephone calls. Network chips would be provided for all volunteers to slot into your their Phone.


Volunteers must apply for and receive a visa to Ghana before you leave for your trip. Visas could be apply from any Ghanaian embassy in your country .There are many services which will arrange for your visa for an additional fee, or you can apply directly to the Ghanaian embassy. Our volunteers join our program on a tourist visa basis. HAC – GHANA does not manage long term or working visa for volunteers; these are not required for our programs.

A tourist visa extension can be obtained at the Department of Immigration in Kumasi, Accra, Sunyani, Cape Coast, Koforidua and Tamale. (Office working hours: Monday – Friday: 8:30am – 3:00pm. You must pay for your visa extension.


HAC has representatives who will be at the airport to welcome you anytime of your arrival. Please do not be disturbed, if there should be a delay or if anything happen with your flight arrangement, our representative will still be there and would be ready to welcome you peacefully into this lovely country. Due to high cost of flight, economic, unemployment issues and the demand for more volunteers to fill our projects, HAC has decided to charge low cost program fee to enable more volunteers to travel and assist hand in hand.


HACGhana all regional host families are well trained, tested and educated families who have hosted international volunteers for the past 3 years. These families are caring, friendly and hard working that made Participants feels comfortable as home.


HACGhana organizes one of the best Volunteer Programs in Ghana. Few of HAC  programs are within the poorer / marginalized communities of Ghana where they need help most, but most of the programs are in the urban cities and rural placement are mainly done upon request by community or volunteer .


HACGhana assures volunteers of total safety during their stay, as Ghana is the safest country in Africa. You are probably safer walking in the streets here than you are at home. However, to make your stay even safer and more comfortable, HACGhana has developed certain guidelines, and these guidelines were developed with your safety in mind.
In order to help our volunteers in the field or to find out their situations, HACGhana has developed a regular field visit program. Under this plan our staff visit and call volunteers every 7 days. In case of sickness or emergency, HACGhana is ever ready to help volunteers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and to also provide guidelines for individuals who intended to travel to some of the unique tourist attractions in or outside Ghana by themselves.


Lodging and food are supplied with the placement. Weekend traveling and sight-seeing, however, are on your own, and expenses are not covered under the program fee.
Please bring with you any special food that you need. It may not be possible to find them when you are in Ghana, away from city centers.

If you are on a special diet, have allergies or take special medications, please make sure this is known to both the HAC staffs and the host family; be prepared to find that your preferences or needs may not be available. Bring your medications with you!!! Inquire about matters such as allergies and special diets, before coming, and bring any special foods you will need.


As a developing country like Ghana, you should not expect modern facilities that can be found in developed countries. Participants are more likely to face unforeseen events in Ghana such as rough roads, transportation delay, power failure etc. HACGhana will puts aside all these difficulties and provide good and secured facilities that are clean and comfortable for our valued volunteers.

Arriving in West Africa as volunteer worker, being a ‘shining example’ for all humankind, you may be expecting to change the world. Although the work you contribute will be invaluable, it is the cumulative effort of many volunteers like you that will truly make a difference, bit by bit. Do not feel bad if you do not single- handedly change the world – you are an indispensable part of the foundation that is being built.

The deep and comprehensive knowledge you will gain of Ghana just by looking and listening will be of great use and later life, raising awareness and understanding of the developing world among your friends and family.


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