Where the money goes

  • Airport Pick Up & Departure: 21.5%
  • Host Family: 36%
  • Skilled staff allowance: 13%
  • Co-operate Souvenir to volunteers: 5.6%
  • Program Development & Management: 13.9%
  • Administrative Expenses: 10%


Airport Pick Up:  When you arrive at the airport, a staff will be at the Airport to pick you up. Please do not forget to send us your flight information, we guarantee you will never miss us at the airport.

First Nights Bed and Breakfast:  Airport meeting and hotel transfer for the first night of arrival. You will be spending the first night in Accra the capital city of Ghana if your flight comes in later than 11:30pm in the night, before proceeding to the office of HACGhana the next day. But when your flight comes in earlier then we may precede straight away to our office  before you proceed to your placement.

Transportation to placement:  You will be traveling with our staff by Car, Cab, Tro-tro (mini-van) or a  bus to your destination. HACGhana for one-way transportation to project and volunteers will be responsible for their personal and return travel. Where your placement demands you travel a distance to and from the house to the place of work, the volunteer have to pay that cost themselves.

Accommodation:  You will be staying with a host family, within a rented house or a hostel and volunteer will stay either in a single or shared room. Our host families are carefully screened and selected base on HAC  requirements. All our families are middle-class and live in safe neighborhoods. The distance from the project varies. The family will provide three meals a day usually except on some unforeseen circumstances.  Supply of mosquito preventive nets if you do not have one, HAC  shall present a recommendation letter and certificate to participants after project.  Regular visitation by HAC  staff.

Food:  In most cases your meals are cooked and provided to you by your host family. You will be getting 3 Meals per day (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) Traditional but very nutritious. Please inform us if you are a vegetarian, this will be taken into account when we arrange your placement.

24/7   in Country Support & Supervision:  Our field officers and staffs are all over our projects sites and our country coordinator will also be accessible to help you when you need it, including a 24-hour support. HACGhana team is committed to making sure all participating communities and volunteers benefit from the collaboration.

Administrative Charges:   Our staff works every day to take care of our volunteers: Emails are answered; phone calls are taken; coordination occurs between projects; and most importantly volunteers are placed within areas of their interest in villages (country side).  Most of our staff works on a volunteer basis, there are at all times costs to any organization. We try hard to keep these administration costs to a minimum so that your money can be used most professionally.

Security and hold up:  Your well being while volunteering with us is our priority. We make sure your trip is safe and HACGhana staff will provide whatever support you may need at any step along the way. We see to it that work being done at our projects is genuinely worthwhile and that it will have a positive impact on the aims of the project. We also save time in checking the legitimacy of the project and ensure a safe working environment for you.

Co-operate souvenir for volunteers: HAC  will give to Participants a souvenir on their arrival or departure.


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