Is this a religious organization?


HAC – GHANA is based on the ideals of love and compassionate service to all regardless of race, religion and sex. Some of the projects which we organize volunteers for may have their own religious leanings but all directors understand and endorse the true spirit of universalism and as such will never push their own beliefs on you. Your beliefs will be respected at all times, and we expect that you will respect theirs as well.

How can one choose a Project?

On this website you can find variety of projects, browse through and let us know your interest by indicating it on the application form.

What’s next after l have submitted my application Form?

HAC will contact you shortly after your completed application form is received. Give us a week to prepare your placement details with host families’ information.

Will someone pick me up from the airport?


This is included in the program fee. You will be met on arrival by one of our staff holding a sheet written boldly on it HAC – GHANA, who will transfer you to your hotel accommodation the first night of arrival. PLEASE SEND US YOUR FLIGHT INFORMATION.

In case I am a vegetarian?

We will strive to meet any dietary requirements you may have, and will ask you to declare these on your application form.

What type of accommodation should I expect?

A shared flat for volunteers from local Ghanaian host families and during tours participant will be accommodated in hotels.

Will I be safe?

SURE. Your safety means a whole lot to us. HAC – GHANA guarantees 100 percent safety to all participants. Ghana is a very safe country. Crime is much lower than in other African states, Ghanaians are also very friendly toward foreigners, and treat them as welcome guests in their lovely country. Many people will greet you throughout Ghana with the phrase “Akwaaba” meaning welcome in Twi , the most commonly spoken local language.

What if a participant gets sick?

Our pre-trip information pack will provide you with how to minimize the risk of falling ill, and our staff / host families will also brief you on hygiene.  HAC – GHANA will cater for all medical bills, But we strongly encourage you to take out comprehensive travel insurance that will cover the event that you fall ill. This coverage should certainly include all medical-related expenses, and emergency air lifts where required.

What should I do about health and travel insurance?

We advice all volunteers to purchase their own health and travel insurance before the trip.

Will I pay an additional fee after paying the project fee?

No, there is no extra fee to be paid after you have paid the project fee. Please check out on the website the fee, what the fee covers and what the fee does not cover.

When Can I volunteer?

Our programs are open in every month and throughout the year. All you need to do is to provide us your own availability date and time.

When Can I make payment of Project fee?

Half payment can be made once you have received your requested placement details, host families information, pre-departure profile on Ghana etc and the rest of the fees would be collected at the point of arrival.

Where Can I make Payment?

Payment could be made in this 3 process 😦 Please make half payment through the following process and the rest of your fees to HAC – GHANA staff at the point of arrival)

Bank transfer and Western Union

Is my money protected after I book and before I leave?

Yes. All trip monies are placed into an account and well managed for your up keep in Ghana. You will see where your money is going and that is why we allow you to make half payment first and the rest at point of arrival.

How can I travel around as a volunteer?

Weekends are free for all volunteers to explore Ghana. PLEASE inform our staff, host families and project staff before traveling. Guidelines would be given to participants on where you want to go before you leave.

Can I travel /volunteer with a friend, family member or a group and Can we get the same project and host family?

Yes, you can travel or volunteer with friends, family members. All you need to do is to request for the same project and host family, then HAC – GHANA will arrange for you.

Can projects be changed?

Yes it can be change, just tell us if you decide to change your project.

What are some of the things I can bring with me?

After we have received your completed application form, a pre-departure profile on Ghana would be sent to you alongside your details of your requested placement and host family details and in the profile list of things to bring is listed. Also in the book you can find information’s on Ghana, weather, life style, culture, money, banking, clothes, food etc which shall prepares you for your arrival in Ghana.

Is it necessary to take the 2-weeks language and cultural program?

YES. This 2-weeks program is designed to prepare volunteers before they begin their chosen projects. This program enables you to know Ghanaian history, culture, language and the people in General.

Do I need to speak another language before I can volunteer?

Our programs do not require you to speak the local language or English. However, a basic knowledge of English is necessary to follow the instructions provided by the local staff. Because we believe that learning a bit of the local language will make your experience more interesting, productive,  and meaningful. HAC – GHANA makes it easier for you to learn the language of your host country by scheduling language instruction around your volunteer work.

Do I need any specific skills to volunteer abroad?

No. Our programs are designed to accommodate all levels of skills and experience.

Will I have time to travel when I’m volunteering in Ghana?

YES. You can travel every weekend. Our local staff will give you suggestions for places to visit, or you can create your own agenda. During your weekend you can take excursions to other parts of the country, or you may choose not to travel, and stay in town to get to know the community better. You may also choose to travel after the program.

Can I travel around Ghana and will there be time for me to do it?

Ghana has some great tourist attractions; wildlife sanctuaries (monkey, crocodiles & hippopotamus), National Parks (Mole is the best in the north of the country), beaches, mountains, waterfalls, good cities and even a village built on stilts for you to visit. You can work with HAC – GHANA to ensure you have time to travel whilst in Ghana. Additionally, HAC – GHANA also offer a busy 2 week tour for a reasonable fee where you get the opportunity to tour the country with other volunteers with the logistics organized for you.


How long do projects last?

Our projects last from 2 to 20 weeks or a year depending on arrangement. The majority of projects have a length of 4 weeks.

Will I have a specific placement for my volunteer work, or will I be involved in more than one?

You will have a specific placement, however depending on your skills, interests, and the need in the community, you may be involved in more than one. If you are unhappy with your placement, then we can change it for you.

Can l apply as an individual for a group program?

Yes you can. Group programs are not for groups alone.

Where and how can l receive visa for Ghana?

Visas can be obtained from Ghana embassy / consular in your country of residence. All volunteers are advised to contact the Ghanaian High Commission or Consulate in their country and apply for a tourist visa before travelling to Ghana. If you decide to stay longer in Ghana, you can extend your visa after you arrive. Extension is obtained from the immigration department in Ghana.

Where and how can I book my flight to Ghana?

Flight / air tickets can be booked online or from any tour agent/operator in your country. Upon request HAC – GHANA can also book your flight for you from any of our tour partners.

Note: you are to pay for the cost of the flight.

Are volunteers insured by HELP THE AFRICAN CHILD FOUNDATION (HAC)?

No, all volunteers are advice to insure themselves before their arrival in Ghana.

What’s the transportation type?

Please note , transportation from airport to hotel ,transportation from Accra to project site are included in the fee ,but transportation from host family to project and project to host family, Kumasi to Accra are not included in the fee. Except those who apply for group programs.

Will I meet with other volunteers in Ghana?


It is likely to meet other volunteers at your project or host family and even meet your long time friend. In general Ghana has many volunteers, so you can expect to see them often in the towns. Less  so in villages.

What happens after payment of deposit and HAC – GHANA fails to offer me a placement or I fail to travel?

HAC – GHANA has a whole lot of programs in the country for volunteers, so it is very likely all applicants would be offered a placement. Payments are accepted by HELP THE AFRICAN CHILD FOUNDATION in all currency.


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