Environmental and Conservation Project

A wide range of environmental projects are available to support this goal and they include: forest restoration by incorporating analog forestry methods into farms; sustainable collection of native forest seeds from community seed sources; sustainable collection of seeds and other products for the development of handicrafts; setting up a fair trade market and to sell products produced by local farms; assisting scientists and students with current conservation research projects; and maintenance work. There are also opportunities to initiate your own project.

Moreover the aim of this wildlife refuge provides a fabulous location for school groups and independent researchers. An extensive trail system, a large protected bay and pristine beaches, and high densities of many groups of terrestrial and marine animals makes this an ideal setting for high school, college, and graduate students to conduct their class or thesis research trip project is to promote sustainable management of natural resources among local community members through conservation efforts.

Natural Forest Conservation Projects

This project is extremely important in terms of preserving the biodiversity of the cloud forest and protecting local watersheds. The work focuses on protecting existing forests through reforestation, monitoring human activity and its impact, and environmental education. Volunteers can participate in the following activities: forestry program (restoring degraded areas and sustainable wood production), sustainable agriculture, community involvement, research, eco-construction (environmentally-friendly building practices), and environmental education. No particular skills are needed but prospective volunteers should have an interest in conservation.

This project is seeking volunteers for its ecological projects for periods of one to six months. It includes: the re-vegetation of hillsides using native plants to reduce erosion and create habitats; promoting the use of sustainable practices; renewable energy development; and environmental education. An interest in ecological sustainability and knowledge of regional plants is helpful but not necessary. Willing hands and a desire to help restore a damaged biosphere are the most important requirements.

Volunteers who are also interested in the nursery type of conservation are also welcome.

As a volunteer in this project, you would be expected to involved with the following activities.

  • Tree Nursery
  • Transplanting
  • Picking of seed-linings
  • Filling of the seed bags
  • Watering of the nursery
  • Fetching of water

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