Ghanaian Culture and Language Program

Our 2-Weeks Ghanaian language and cultural lessons is uniquely designed to help volunteers acclimatize themselves with the Ghanaian culture, people and environment which may be new to them in their first 2-weeks of arrival in Ghana.

Most volunteers love applying for this project aside their chosen projects because of its interesting and educative aspects. This Program takes place in Accra and Kumasi, a historical city of the Ashanti region during the first 2-weeks of their arrival in Ghana. The Program help volunteers to prepare well for their chosen projects.


Volunteers would be taking through a week of Ghanaian Twi lessons with a professional Twi teacher. Lessons would involve:

  • History of Ga’s and the Ashanti’s, Accra and Kumasi, Ghana.
  • Culture Ghanaian names and dates of birth
  • Social and common words used in daily activities.

PROGRAM                                      DESCRIPTIONS

DAY 1.ORIENTATION                 Welcome to HACGhana. Basic information about  Ghana and                                                             the projects, host family, culture and  profile of the regions.

 DAY 2. CLASS BEGINS                 Ghanaian greetings, conditions, age, introduce and identify                                                                people, phrases qualify and quantify people and objects,                                                                      numbers etc.

DAY 3. CLASS CONTINUES         Colors, family, feelings, making request and commands                                                                      with informal future tense, training,shopping and                                                                                     bargaining.

DAY 4. CLASS CONTINUES         Days time Ghanaian names and their day of birth.

DAY 5.SIGHT SEEING DAY         A visit to the historic attraction centers, Ashanti palace                                                                       museum, military museum, craft shop etc.

DAY 6. CLASS CONTINUES         Parts of the body, physical expressions, etc

DAY 7. CLOSING                             Reverse all lectures, final test and evaluation of program.


Volunteers would be taking through a week of Ghanaian Twi lessons with a professional Twi teacher. Lessons would involved:

  • Volunteers would be transferred to a local historical village of Bonwire after a 1-week of Twi lessons.
  • During the village stay, participants would be living with a local host family where they would have the opportunity of practicing their language lessons with host family whiles learning rural village living of Ghanaians and Africans as well.
  • Volunteers will also engage themselves with learning of ancient way of cooking / preparing meals, palm wine tapping, farming with a local host family, joining a community durbar, weaving of the colorful / popular kente cloth.
  • Participants will be taking through trekking sessions to the nearby villages.

HACGhana encourages all volunteers to apply for this project along-side their chosen projects in Ghana . All this Program would be done with a well trained HACGhana staff members.


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