Internship Programs For All

                                                HACGHANA’S INTERNSHIP 
Description of HACGHANA’s internship abroad program Ghana Africa
HACGHANA Internship abroad program are premeditated generally for students on the fields listed. This program gives an immediate experience, detailed info and prepares participants in their field of study.

Participants on the internship volunteer program will be positioned in government offices, factories, ministries, institutions, industries, hospital to assist existing workers.
HACGhana does not pay (wages or salary) to participants. A participant must 18 years and above, determined and committed to give assistance.

• Soccer coaching (Male & Female teams, Goalkeepers trainer, basketball trainers, etc)
Activities: Training soccer teams and basket ball teams.

• Nurses and Doctors (proof as medical student is required)
Activities: Attending to sick people and assisting nursing mothers

• Forest Conservation
Activities: Field work

• HIV AIDS education
Activities: Going to towns with a staff educating the people on HIV AIDS

• Architectural
Activities: Field work

• Radio, TV and news paper Journalism
Activities: Office work

• Women and Youth empowerment
Activities: Educating women

• Research, Politics in Ghana, Law.
Activities: Office work

Participants in this program are placed at both deprived towns where much help is needed most and would perform some and all of the following depending on the choice of program.
Participants would be carried through intensive training with the help of a staff to enhance full attainment of skills and defiance.

Give pleasure to make contact with HACGhana today for your placement to be set.


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